Yule Calendar Top 10 Tunes 2018 #3
Viktor has previously written extensively on the topic of him v.s. loving Zeal & Ardor’s debut album and we’re sure it’s well worth your time to check that out if you have a minute on your hands. Once you are up to date on that whole situation (or are able to at least match the deductive abilities of a five year old and apply that to this very text) you should be able to properly calculate the level of anticipation leading up to the release of their sophomore effort Strange Fruit this year. Then you look at what Zeal & Ardor decided to release as their first single, Gravedigger’s Chant to tease the album, and then you should retroactively fear for our lives, we are after all middle aged men and strokes are dangerous stuff. This track is a Heart attack waiting to happen in of itself.

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