We are well in to our vacation weeks and mostly we have had great weather, let’s see what music we have set aside for when the weather turns more “Swedish”.



There are different kinds of rainy days. Well I guess it might just be that rain affects me differently depending on things most likely very much outside of the water released by the clouds ….I bet I’m very special in this sense and not pointing out something obvious in any way …best I give you an example so as to make sure that you can relate; Having to pedal my bicycle frantically to catch the bus in an ice cold November rain at slightly too much past 6 in the morning is an altogether very different beast from enjoying a cup of coffee on my (sheltered) balcony a warm lazy July afternoon while the rain pours down making everything smell more intensely like summer. Yeah I know, Mind Blown!

Both occasions are however direly in need of Do I Ever Cross Your Mind playing in my ears. For those of you reading this without paying too much attention to the spotify links, I want to clarify that I’m talking about the original recording from 76 not the all too glossed up staccato 80’s solo version. I suppose it’s not technically a duet between my all time favorite guitarist mr Chet Atkins and the ever brilliant mrs Dolly Parton because Atkins mostly takes to singing backups to Parton’s lead but it sure feels a lot like a duet anyway. Parton had written the song earlier but it must have somehow been missing something as she had left it unrecorded for some years when Atkins had her on for a track for his collaborative record The Best of Chet Atkins & Friends. One can only assume that Atkins was what had been missing as the track was dusted off and used for this session. On this recording there is only the two of them singing while each playing their guitars. Their voices compliment each other perfectly for the song and Atkins’ mulitlayered guitarlicks danses swirls around Parton’s capable picking. However the main attraction of the track is without a doubt the amazing atmosphere and rapport between them that they share generously as they make some small talk and chuckle while playing.

This song picks you up when you’re down and it warms you when you’re cold but it’s also good company when you feel fine. This song is like a friend, a good reliable friend that you can give a spin whenever you need it for company.


There are things we know; the earth is round, orange juice and coffee does not go together, it always rains on a picnic and Modest Mouse is one of the greatest bands in the world.

My love for the Mouse began in our three person shared bedroom, back when we pretended to be students. My flatmates (yes Viktor was one of them) had come to know an exchange student from USA; Gabe. When Gabe produced some records of alternative music and played them to my friends, and this honours my mates, they but heard a few seconds before chanting in unison: “You must play this for Roo!”. So there we were, Gabe sitting by the stereo, me sitting on my bed looking very sceptical and my buddies in between with eyes like owls – expecting me to give them hugs, buy them food (a scarce thing back then) and write them love poems out of gratitude for bringing me this great music. As I remember It all of this came true. Gabe had just introduced me to two of my all time favourite bands; Built to Spill and Modest Mouse. I had listened to Built to Spill before, but it was now that their greatness became clear to me.

Thank you for the music Gabe ❤

The tune I’ve saved for a rainy day is: It always rains on a picnic by Modest Mouse. It’s not like this tune can’t be played in sunshine, It’s more like I’ve overdosed on the early Modest Mouse records and must play them wisely from now on. It is of course the perfect tune for rainy weather. Like many of their songs it is very cinematic. You see the scene in front of you, the white and red blanket, the braided basket and the glass bottles, all soaked in rain. You hear a humble Isaac Brock, politely ask; “No, I don’t suppose (downpour downpour)”. You could think that this tune represents a very bleak outlook of life, but this is not the case. The music is so beautiful and delicate, that it gives the song a different meaning. Yes, It always rains on a picnic, that is a fact of life, and how wonderful and beautiful isn’t that. Downpour, downpour.

…and for our next task, we will find a tune that…

…you once hated but now love.

On Facebook (as well as to some lesser extent all other social media that matters) we are right now running AugustMania. For Facebook we have decided to challenge ourself to find a tune that we never thought that we would recommend to anyone. In working with that challenge we have found that first impressions often last. Since that one have proved a tricky challenge we have decided it is also, of course, an area interesting to explore further and with the depth it might deserve.

See you in 14 days!