Turns out we have both broadened our horizons as the years go buy.



I’m a picky eater

Yeah no not literally, I eat just about anything, but when it comes to music I guess I’m my own kind of snob. I used to be way worse though. I used to be so narrow minded that it must have seemed out right stupid …in fact it kind of seem stupid to even me, looking back. That makes this in a way, the simplest of challenges. Most music I enjoy today would have fallen well out of those small circles I had drawn in the sand for my self to stay within when I was younger

To make the challenge more fun for myself I set out to find a tune that would simultaneously have made me furious to learn that I love today while still be highly illogical in some obvious way for me to have disliked back when.

It still wasn’t too hard.

I was way stupid in so many ways when I was a child.

As Roobin can attest to, I still am

…stupid as well as childish.

However, today I love Ibeyi. There is an improvement of character for you.

I sure as day and night would not have liked them if they would have been around when I was under say 15. Probably still wouldn’t have liked them at 20 but there was progress made through those 5 years so I can’t tell for sure. 

What I can tell you for sure is that River from their first self titled album is the perfect pick for this challenge. The over the top heaviness of the drumbeat would have been completely lost on me back then. It would most likely just have registered as the same as the New Jack Swing production that was so prominent in the contemporary MTV soul back then, as if I couldn’t tell the difference between the base and the snare drum. The obvious lyrical as well as structural references to spirituals, gospel and blues (which I did like back then) would also have been lost on me since the melismatics of the vocals would almost certainly have registered as the same as the wailing of Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston or some girl group of the time like En Vogue which all were examples of artists I despised.

Working on a challenge like this makes me think about all the great music I still must be missing out on given how snobbish I still am about what I listen to.

Then I think about  how much music I still have to listen through before the month ends to try and make sure I don’t miss something great for my end of the moth round up in “On Top of the Stack”. Thinking about that, I’m kind of thankful that I do filter at least some music.

Also… all that mainstream music is just so abhorrent, isn’t it 

*Wink* *Wink* 

(no for reals it’s all horrible if its ever been on any of Spotify’s top-lists).


Younger me had a hard time with electronic music, most of it I despised. Some electronic music like Kraftwerk could find the way through the defences and into my heart – but only a lucky few found that path. I’m still struggling to enjoy computer-made music, but I’m far more open-minded about it and most often give everything a fighting chance. That goes for quite a lot of genres that younger me would have dismissed. Younger me did not approve of free jazz either. I didn’t see the point of it. It is a quite demanding genre for the listener to enjoy proper and guess I didn’t have what it took. Still today – on most days – I don’t have what it takes, but I see the point and on those blessed days – I quite enjoy it! Younger me utterly despised any form of music that was made with a purely commercial purpose (I was the judge, jury, and executioner on that particular purpose), but that’s a story for another time. I’ll stick to electronic and jazz for now.

I am fairly certain that younger me wouldn’t have made it far into Klunks magic tune Apple Self. If the youngster, somehow, would have made it passed the squeaky, crackling jump-starting fabric floor sound that is the first part of the song and made it to the jazzy saxophone second part, he/I might have imploded of disapproval! That’s far from the case now, I love this song, every part of it. It has a cinematic Burtonesque quality to it that I just love!

… and for our next task, we will find a tune that…

…is the best companion when you’re bored.

In these troubled times of most of the word sitting at home, boredom is as much the enemy as anything. Well perhaps slightly more acutely it’s the viruses, the collapsing economies and lets not forget war. Boredom do suck though.

See you in 14 days!