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Few artists that are active today come even close to having as distinct an artistic voice as ANOHNI. Also ANOHNI strikes me as one of those criminally sharp witted people that would just master whatever they took up. When I listen to interviews or monologues at gigs, it feels like ending poverty, peace in the middle east or curing cancer isn’t actually beyond ANOHNI’s reach, just hasn’t got there yet, is all.

Summer of 07, ANOHNI was touring as Anthony and the Johnsons and they made a stop at Dalhalla, in Sweden. Dalhalla is this amazing venue built in a closed down water filled quarry with the stage on an island and the audience seated on the cliff sides. The acoustics of this venue is something completely unique and has to be experienced to understand.

By then I had long since matured far beyond my punk and metal roots and the I am a Bird Now Album had become one of my enduring favourites (still is). However I was still quick to dismiss whatever I deemed to commercial in music current to the time. Yet of course I didn’t somehow think to apply that measure to my worshipped heroes of the 60’s and 70’s.

During this brilliant concert in Dalhalla, ANOHNI made me rethink my way of listening to music. My eyes were opened by a gorgeous cover of Beyoncé’s Crazy in Love and some small words of insight. Music or any art for that matter, may or may not be made with a certain audience in mind but I get to decide whether or not I want to be part of said certain audience. If I categorically place myself outside an audience by dismissing an artist or a work I am only limiting myself. If I want to appreciate Beyoncé all I have to do is to listen with the right set of mind, then and only then can I decide if I like it or not.

I firmly believe that ANOHNI is capable of turning any tune into gold but there is this gem of a Sam Cooke song, that I feel is largely forgotten or at least very much overshadowed by the staples of his song book, They Call the Wind Maria. Only a few weeks ago Colbert tried to reference it and it just went straight over everyone’s, including Sean Penn’s heads. This song has been a favourite of mine for as long as I can remember and I would love to get to rediscover it through a voice as unique as well as a mind as brilliant as ANOHNI’s.


Some tunes deserves a second chance, not because they had a bad run the first time, but because they are too damn good and people who missed them the first time need their second chance at discovering them. I’ve chosen such a tune. Often, though, I believe that it would be best if that original version resurfaced, but that’s not the rules of this challenge, so I’m off to find a suitable candidate to cover my tune.

I’ve chosen There Is Something Wrong In Your Head by Bring Me The Fucking Riot… Man. First of all; how about that band name? You know by the name that this is going to be the good stuff. The real brilliance in the name comes at the end of it: “… Man”. More bands would benefit from this ending, just a little thing at the end to signal your awesomeness and that you have a sense of humour. On the top of my head here’s a small list of band names that would benefit from this little suffix:

  • Coldplay… Man
  • Wolfmother… Man
  • The Cure… Man

See, much better.

Bring Me The Fucking Riot… Man; the punk band that got tired and gave up. In their manifesto, the last track on their last album, they give their reasons. In short, they failed at changing the world; to make it a nicer place. They also failed to rise to stardom and climb the charts. I can’t really argue with that but I personally feel that the main reason for recording the manifesto was to get to say their own band name as much as possible. It’s nothing wrong with the manifesto, don’t get me wrong, I can sign up on everything in it, but there is also that other reason, has to be. Anyway… great punk band and awesome tune!

Wouldn’t it be fun to take this awesome punk-tune and put it in a new soul outfit? I say; hell to the yes it would! Enter: Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings. Last years Soul Of A Woman was one of last year’s best albums and let me tell you, the Dap Kings can funk! That base, horn section, drums and guitar could work it’s magic on There Something Wrong In Your Head. I hear it in my head when Sharon is singing our pants of; “… And I know what it is, your brain is dead” and the Dap Kings answering “ea ea ea ea ead”. I really think that this would be an awesome tune. Best of all; Sharon gets to say: “And now it’s time for some punk-rock, There is something wrong with your head originally by… BRING ME THE FUCKING RIOT… MAN!”

…and for our next task, we will find a tune that…

…celebrates one year with our blog.

Yes! next article will mark the 1 year anniversary of our first article.

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