We are obsessed with music old and new, This week we look at music that is new to us but was made last year.



Do you like music?

I mean do you really, really like music? You probably do since you are reading this blog which is clearly written by people obsessing about music for people obsessing about music.

Well then I have two recommendations for you.

First and foremost; You have to watch Sound Field, a TV series made for YouTube by PBS Digital Studios. Sound Field is great in so many ways. They do a wide variety of topics all related to musicology in some way or another all insightful, thoroughly researched and well produced in to 7 to 15 minutes densely packed nuggets of joy. Most of all what’s great about Sound Field are the two criminally charismatic hosts LA Buckner and Nahre Sol, both of which are insanely gifted musicians but it is their chemistry that really brings it home for me. A fact that is painfully obvious since the Covid quarantine seems to have forced them to operate solo taking on more or less every other episode lately. Don’t get me wrong, these episodes are still great but I sorely miss them working together.

One piece of evidence that the show is still great even now when the hosts operate solo leads us straight into my other recommendation for you. In the ,as of writing this, latest episode “Is Indie a Music Genre? (feat. Quinn Christopherson)”, LA familiarize himself a little with indie music while remotely making a track with Alaskan Bedroom pop artist Quinn Christopherson. I hadn’t heard of Christopherson before this episode but thanks to Sound Field now I have, and my life is all the better for it. If you like me have missed out on Christopherson, do you self a favour and right that wrong. He is currently working on his debut album and I for one can’t wait. In the meantime I have excellent singles like the track I’ve picked for this week, Raedeen, to brighten my day.


I’m a lucky guy.

To be honest, extremely lucky. Not only am I born in these golden times – before we screw everything up and after the advances in recording music – but also in one of the easiest places in the world to be a human. When I was growing up I didn’t lock my bike and we didn’t even lock the front door of our house. I’m in normal circumstances a pretty happy person with a life I’m pretty happy to live. When I look back on the things that brought me to this position; all I see is luck. Pure fluke. It seems to me that I never really had to make an effort to get to this position. Lucky me!

Exactly this kind of luck, that has always been with me, was manifesting itself when I struck gold yesterday and found this awesome tune that I’m now sharing with you. I found the tune #Untitled 2 by Los Coast and wow, just wow! A slow-building soul song that pours out a heart in your ears. The production is damn near perfect! After listening to it way too many times now, I’m eagerly awaiting every new element they bring in. The one-note piano playing at the end along with the harmonica is my current favorites. Above all, up there in the clouds at the highest level are the vocals. Jeez! The vocals are amazing! I believe everything he sings and when he sings “Goddamn is so hard to harmonize with the beep” – I get the familiar goosebumps all over. For real, I’m such a lucky guy and now you are too. 😃

… and for our next task, we will find a tune that…

…is great on a Picnic.

Swedish midsummer is over already but there is still plenty of reasons to have a picnic but what should be the sound track?

The Playlist!