The best tunes of 2020 that did not make it into the yule calendar

This particular post has never been more necessary!

A Great injustice has been done. The best tune of 2020 wasn’t even in the running to make our list. Here I have the opportunity to right this wrong. In my humble *cough* * cough* opinion Onigiri by Jerskin Fendrix is clearly the most brilliant tune to have been released all year. That is no small feat though, as you can tell from checking out the 5 tunes that has already been presented from the actual list.

2020 may have had its flaws but the musical output was great. Here are 15 more of the greatest tunes of the year that just somehow didn’t make it on to the top 10 list.

Some where cut in the last agonizing moments of finalizing the nominations while others just failed to sway my colleagues ear-taste-buds (I know, he seam to have just calibrated them a tiny bit wrong). Yet others just decided to after a year and some change release their single a couple of days after the nominations where finalized – looking at you Pist Idiots!

Either way all of these songs are among my personal favourites of the year.

Check back tomorrow for Roobin’s list of honourable mentions in regards to tunes that sadly didn’t make the top 10 List.