The best albums of 2022 that did not make it into the yule calendar

There were sooooo many great albums released this year and a great many really deserved a spot on our top ten list. Here are some albums that for various reasons were snubbed of their rightful place. There were albums such as Consume/Deny/Repent by my new favourite power violence band No/Más or The Long Road North by my long time favourite sludge band Cult of Luna that just are too brutal for our Yule Calendar. Traditionally my favourite hip hop, trip hop and electronic artists have struggled to catch similar love from my colleague at this here blog and this year was no different as Yin Yin’s excellent The Age of Aquarius, Bonobo’s thrilling Fragments as well as Ibeyi’s spicy and sweet Spell 31 all didn’t make the cut. Then there were all of the excellent indie rock and punk that almost made the list but fell some tiebreaker-points short of the list. Here they all are though, for you to enjoy, as I present my honourable mentions of albums that could have been on the top 10 list.

Check back tomorrow for the 5th best tune on our list.