The best tunes of 2021 that did not make it into the yule calendar

Turned out, 2021 wasn’t just going to let me whittle down its musical out put to some neat 10 song list without a fight. Hera are 12 tracks that where released through out the year that I really really wanted to have on the top 10 list but alas; its called a top 10 list mainly due to the restriction to 10 items and them being on the top.

Some of these tunes where cut in the last agonizing moments of finalizing the nominations while others just failed to sway my colleagues ear-taste-buds. Yet others where perhaps just slightly to metal for the list.

Either way all of these songs are among my personal favourites of the year.

Check back tomorrow for Roobin’s list of honourable mentions in regards to tunes that sadly didn’t make the top 10 List.