Top 10 Albums 2019 #2

Sometimes you stumble upon something truly unique.
Sometimes what you stumble upon stumbles into your bones.
Sometimes life is good!

I don’t have the words to describe Vagabon’s album Vagabon but I know that no matter how much I praise the album right now It will seem meager when I look back on it in a few years. This is an album that grows and keeps growing. It’s perfect to have in the background while you read, in your ears when you are working or working out and above all, it’s a perfect album to enjoy in itself doing absolutely nothing but absorbing the magic that Vagabon delivers.

With a unique presence, minimalistic songwriting and voice to die for Vagabon have released one of the best albums in years!

“All the women I meet are tired
They just kick up their feet prior
‘Cause we’re not afraid of the war we brought on
And we’re steady while holding you all”

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