Back in 2018 their debut album: …And the Fallen Universe as well as the track Moderat were strong contenders for our Top 10 Lists. This year the question was only which of the two lists and how high up on it they place. D.A.B.D.A does not have a weak track on it and the strongest tracks could easily have placed just as high or higher on the top 10 tunes list.

Of course it’s an added bonus that they represent our home country of Sweden, especially this year when we have had to place our neighbours Norway twice on the tunes list and Denmark (albeit be it with the amazing entry from the Faroe Islands from last week) on this list. TOMMA INTET has picked up the banner of the Gothenburg pop scene and is currently running with it, fast, really fast, like way ahead of the pack.

Check back tomorrow for the very best tune on our 2020 top list.