2019 a year in music.


…Oh already!?

It’s 2020 now? …It’s 2020 now!?!

I just double checked the little calendar thingy in the corner of this device and it seems confident in its position.

I’m not entirely sure I am though…

One clichéd effect of growing into a more “respectable” age is that time seems to pass by so very very quickly. My experience of that however is that it’s not straight forward at all, it does seam ages ago I last sat here typing a year-end-review while at the same time it all happened so fast. Is it all due to early onset senile dementia? As I’m sitting here trying to write this I honestly struggle to recall much of significance from the year that passed while clearly remembering that I spent a lot of the year thinking that too much is happening at once. Perhaps that is the thing though, perhaps I’m suffering from significant-events-overload. 

2020 is clearly Sci-fi territory. 1984 was more than 35 years ago. I can’t help but thinking that the now somewhat ironically named British Sci-fi institution 2000AD got some concepts right, especially the aptly named condition of going futsie, short for future shock. The first case they relate isn’t supposed to happen until 2089 when a guy sees a laser knife for the first time and snaps since that is too much Sci-fi for his brain to handle. 

I am likewise unsure my brain is aptly equipped to live in 2020. I re-read most of my articles from the year that has passed earlier this week, trying to figure out what to write today. I noticed that I was spending a considerable amount of them talking about the technological developments in the music industry over the last couple of decenia. Mostly I embrace those developments as they have improved my life. I still buy, and I believe the technical term is; metric shit ton, of actual records every year but I don’t have to, just happens I’m one fourth squirrel and can’t help myself from collecting things for the winter. A lot of people however don’t buy much music and this is cause for some concern.

I’m cautiously optimistic anyway, after all music was doing fine for millennia without anyone buying records so somehow we will find a way to make it so that the people making us happy with their music can keep doing that. However ’til we have figured that out I just want to urge everyone out there to do what you should be doing anyway, support your local scene by attending gigs. This is the best way to enjoy music after all and if you spend some cash at the merch table you are sure it ends up in the hands of those who have worked to give you that music. This is my number one wish for the coming year, that I (and all of you) will be able to attend more concerts than ever before. See you there in 2020.

…Oh and of course, here is my ultimate 2019 playlist to keep you sustained ‘til then.



First of all, it was a great year for music! The first half was so good that we decided to create the playlist The punkrockers guide to surviving the summer of 2019, with 77 great punk songs released in that first half.
This year I tried to have a deeper focus on albums, all in the name of our great Yule Calendar and I must say this year’s calendar is our best so far.

Viktor and I had a pow-wow the other day and some great stuff came out of that get-together. We are going to start an email newsletter with our challenges bundled with some recommendations and playlists.

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We also decided that somehow we are going to take stock of the decade with the 100 best tunes. Oh, the horror to have to pick and grade tunes so soon after the horrific process of rating and choosing songs for the Yule Calendar. It will be a lot of fun also, more on this later.

The yearly playlist…

I am lazy. I am lazy and I’m indecisive. I am lazy, indecisive and I suffer from decision fatigue and thats why there are 200 songs on my playlist of the year. I know, how will anyone ever listen to all 11 hours of music? I don’t know and I don’t care, It took me hours to trim the playlist down to 200 tunes. It will just have to do. Anyways here it is, and stay tuned for great things to come in 2020.

…and for our next task, we will find a tune that…

…makes me excited about an album announced to be released in 2020.

A brand new year comes with the promise of brand new releases of course. Some artists have been teasing or otherwise testing the waters with singles, EPs or just some tune for streaming to get the hype rolling. Well what has caught our eye and peaked our curiosity or just plain hooked us up with an addiction feverishly needing more.

Be sure to check back January the 14th to see how we resolve this our first challenge of the the year!

see you in two weeks!