You might think it’s pure nineties nostalgia when you glance at the line-up, but it’s not – it’s the songs you should have listened to throughout September. Good stuff, so lets’ get on with it. In order of appearance:

Playlist at the bottom.

Cycle – 04 Limited Sazabys

Let’s kick this off with some great pop-skate-punk from Japan. Enjoy!

The Late – Eggstone

That organ riff is so infectious! Top that off with a great pop tune and there you have it; the perfect pop tune, yet again, by the amazing Eggstone!

Responsibilities – Roxy Girls

Crazy, crazy guitars and a very creative drummer, great stuff!

In A Van – Saintseneca

A great move to take that voice sample and build a hook around it – works in alternative music also, which is very apparent in this tune with a nostalgic

Coffee – Leftfield Luxury

They had me at “I run on this shit, I wish I could quit!” – the Zeppelin outro is just a pleasant bonus. Don’t miss these punks from down under!

Oh Mama – Twin Peaks

They dropped their excellent new album this month, but not before releasing Oh Mama as a single – a classic rock tune better than most classic, classic rock tunes!

Air BnB – Kim Gordon

Hell yeah! This is noise at it’s very best! I got so happy by this tune that I had to book an Air BnB next weekend. This is a tune you don’t wanna miss!

Fishing – Sports Team

Post-proto-new-awesome punk – yes that’s about right!

Orby – Cosmo Sheldrake

Sound wizard Sheldrake released this dance tune with Andrea Vargas on vocals and I haven’t stopped dancing since! It’s just exquisite!

Soy Boy – American Beauty

How about some introspecting emo with mathemagical sprinkles on top? Well, you got it! By the way, the bass-player is swallowed by a crocodile, right? Sure sounds like it… and I love it!

St. Nazaire – Pixies

Yes, yes… YES! Get Frank Black Francis upset and it can sound this good! Someone needs to have that as a job… Joey Santiago are you up for it?

Means to an End – Pist Idiots

The Pist Idiots released their new great album this month and this is my current favorite from it! Listen to these Aussie rock ‘n’ rollers now!

Ambrosia – Rosie Tucker

Beautiful, dark and really powerful – this tune just won’t leave you alone – it’s absolutely superb!

Glass Mood Ring – Spooky Mansion

Spooky Mansion has the peculiarity that every release is better than the previous and then you should know that they actually started at the top shelf! Love the riff!

The Younger Years – Delta Sleep

Wow! This EP is just as good as one could expect from one of the very best bands out there – math-rock with stunning melodies. Drop everything and put this on!

// with ♥️ Roo