The Australians nearly took over this punktober playlist. Great music this October, let’s get to it in order of apperance.

Playlist at the bottom.

It seems to be some problems with the song links in some cases – try the spotify playlist at the bottom if you get loading errors.

Forgotten Eyes – Big Thief

Just amazing, it doesn’t get better than this! Listen and you’ll understand exactly what I’m on about.

Save It For The Weekend – Skegss

The Australian party rockers are back and leaving no stone unturned in this excellent indie-rock tune!

Rainy Day Fund – Garage Sale

These Australian indie rockers can’t seem to save any money. As long as they can afford recording great tunes like this, it’s totally fine with me.

Feel Good Summer – SCABZ

These Australian punk rockers (down under is the place to be right now) are really giving it to the climate deniers. Awesome punk!

Running Hot With Fate – Hallelujah The Hills

We’ve been promised an album in November and this is my favorite amongst the singles leading up to it. Great rock, hot damn! (I know they sing hot fate, but it is impossible to hear it right after hearing it wrong, hot damn!)

Mundungus – Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

The riff kings with the coolest band name can’t seem to stop releasing outstanding tunes – this one sure is!

Check Point – POLYSICS

Nintendo punk with such intensity you’ll be knocked off your feet! Listen to the entire album for an adrenaline rush like no other! Bong, bong bongbongbong!

Good People – Say Sue Me

This is the best tune they’ve released and that’s really something for such an awesome band!

Delta 88 Nightmare – X

Not entirely new music, but now released as a 7″ and when it’s this good it must be on this list. This is as good as punk gets! WOW!

Crazy Ok – Common Holly

Keep being crazy, Common Holly, if it makes you produce this good music. Bring on all the craziness you can muster. Love it!

A Pretty Sick Detective – The Vacant Smiles

I too have lots of different t-shirts that also can work as a disguise – would I also be a pretty sick detective?! Great tune!

This is Not the End – Spielbergs

I love it when Spielbergs is this noisy, it’s so good! More noise more awesome tunes!

// with ♥️ Roo