Yet again I’m blown away by how many new great tunes that we get to enjoy each month. Wow and thanks for the ride!

Playlist at the bottom or direct link to spotify playlist

Ruen Brothers

Break the Rules

The Bros and their amazing falsetto are breaking the rules with this beautiful piece of Americana.

El Ten Eleven


A happy post-rock tune under five minutes?! Sounds impossible, but oh – how El Ten Eleven nailed it!

Ruen Brothers


Yes, my list – my rules. The Ruen Brothers are on fire! I can’t wait for the album.



A real foot tapper with sing-along football chants and heartful screams – perfect!



Spielbergs are doing everything right in this absolute stunner of a track!

TOMMA INTET, Virginia And The Flood

Ta min hand inför din gud så ska jag dra dig ner till helvetet

This is so very, very dark, but oh so very good. Listen with caution!

Mounika. – Ocie Elliott

Tender Love

Who doesn’t love to chill? And when you do, do it with this tune as a companion and nothing can go wrong. Album on the way?


So We Won’t Forget

Fantastic! I can’t stop dancing – it’s just so beautiful and so awesome! The rhythm section – wowee!

Phoebe Bridgers

I See You

I feel something, something really great when I listen to Bridgers marvelous indie tune! Great production!

Mona Bay

Let’s Be Friends

I’ve cheked and re-checked and this swedish sounding band are from Australia (from what I can tell) – anyways, a classic summer tune delux with a fantastic outro!

// with ♥️ Roo