In the merry month of May, the best tunes came all the way from Linköping to Manhattan, Omdurman to Melbourne. Catch up on the best tunes of the month now! (Playlist at bottom)

Less Than Impressed – The Slow Summits

Let’s kick off with Linköpings finest; The Slow Summits! Excellent indie-pop with the sweetest melody. Give this tune and the EP a spin or two, you won’t regret it, this commoner is more than impressed!

Goo – Culture Abuse

This month saw Culture Abuse get covered by The Dirty Nil and what did Culture Abuse do? Keep on piling up awesome tunes, which this one is indeed a perfect example of!

Tumult Around the World – Titus Andronicus

Patrick Stickles seems to articulate less and less, is it something that bothers me? On the contrary – it’s friggin wonderful! The album is around the corner, can’t wait!

Not the Same – Lacuna Common

Want some clanky sing along garage punk? Look no further as this is totally outstanding!

All For The Life Of The City – The Flaming Lips

What can I say? It’s The Flaming Lips and as usual, it’s bizarrely good!

The Hills – Possum

It begins as a heavy metal jam and ends in a funk jam – all the way Infectiously great! You need to listen!

My Fire – Radiator Hospital

This tune ends too soon! I want more and more! Listen and you will see why.

Ya Sudan – Sinkane

Sometimes you need to throw away everything you know and start fresh. I thought I didn’t like what we in Sweden call dance band music, turns out I do, a lot. At least Sinkanes version of it!

You Know Where I’m Hiding – I Feel Fine

Football chanting emo that hits me in my weakest spot, pour a little math in the mix and I’m totally sold!

Sunflower Symphony – Star Arcana

Wondering what season that is waiting around the corner? Yes, summer is almost here and you need indie tunes likes this to lead you there!

Bisou Bisou – Tella Viv

Who would have thought that the phrase I hummed most this month was; “Oui oui, coco yeah c’est la vie!”. You probably will too – it’s super infectious!

Pink & Blue – Tycho

Electro chill that makes this old fart wanna dance like it’s no tomorrow. Love it!

Life In The City – The Lumineers

A timeless beautiful piece of music that is impossible not to hum along to. Perfect stuff!

Tumbleweed – Stonerror

This tune took me by surprise and then refused to leave me. Excellent desert rock!

Starfire 500 – Amyl and The Sniffers

The punk intro of the month year decade! It’s not only 2.40 minutes of intro, but it’s also an really awesome punk tune!


When you add horns to the bubbling, pouring fluffy way they play guitar – I almost break in two out of the sheer awesomeness!

// with ♥️ Roo