In these bad, sad times you might need these dozen reasons March 2020 had something more than bad news. These are the best songs from the month in order of appearance.

Playlist at the bottom.

Pom Poko


"Somebody show me how", they sing. Well, they know how. They show it again and again!


Det Nya Svarta

Pitch black Swedish tune that is as dark as it is cozy.

Communist Daughter

Living with Your Ghost

Ah, the Communist Daughter is killing me with this beauty!



Just relax and let the psych embrace you – a trip you wouldn’t wanna miss!

Born Ruffians

Wavy Haze

Album out April 3 and with these awesome singles my expectations are sky-high!


Last One Standing

Is this the soundtrack to the first Rocky movie? It could have been. Totally awesome seven minutes of soulful joy!

Field Medic, Pickleboy

talkin johnny & june (your arms around me)

Everything Field Medic touches turns into gold, this is no exception to the rule.


Yesterday (With Him)

Love the escalating madness in this post punk tune with sprinkles of eighties sound.

Sleepy Dog

Far Far, Gone

Sometimes you just need to chill and this is the perfect tune for it. Math Dog goes post-rock Dog! (double bases?)


Aeroplane Bathroom

Absolutely gorgeous tune – knocked me down and I’m still on the floor in a wondrous rush of pleasure.


Future Teenage Cave Artist

Walking on the edge of weird and beauty – a marvelous walk!

The Chats

The Kids Need Guns

From what might very well be the best punk album of 2020 I picked this steamer!

// with ♥️ Roo