March came marching in with a plethora of marvelous tunes that I’ve marshaled in order of appearance into this remarkable mixtape of March! 31 days of afternoons – 31 tunes. Playlist at the bottom – Let’s go!

Nothing at – All The Stroppies

A staccato swirl of indie gold with just the right amount of
relaxed and unconcerned singing.

National Police Shit – Drinking Boys and Girls Choir

If you have a heart you’ll love this Korean skatepunk at maximum speed. Lovely!

Desert Dreams – Lonesome Shack

The Lonesome Shack album – Desert Dreams – dropped and it’s as good as I hoped. Here a sneaking desert blues tune that feels just right!

God Once Loved a Woman – Frog

The falsettos in the breaks are just golden! A tune that makes you feel like you’ve been part of something important by just listening to it.

Intros and Outrage – Gently Tender

Can’t get enough of Gently Tender! This tune draws you in and holds you in it’s gently and tender arms.

Mississippi Nuthin’ – Shovels & Rope

In a perfect mix between Springsteen and Bright Eyes the snare is pumping to Shovels & Ropes story from the underdig prespective. Just one little thing, it should have been called “blue collar version of you”.

henna tattoo – Field Medic

A master of the bittersweet – Field Medic delivers this delightful melody. After a while I even like the drum machine.

Sultans of Ping (feat. Tricot) – Delta Sleep

Yes, yes yes! Please let Tricot sing in the entire album (one of last year’s absolute best) in Japanese!

Roy’s Tune – FONTAINES D.C.

I really feel for Roy with the light in his eyes that were evergreen. I really feel for Roy with the light in his eyes that were evergreen. Beautiful song!

I Don’t Do Drugs, I Just Sweat a Lot – Bicurious

Album cover of the month! This might be my new favorite band! Loop pedal – mathematical gold!

To You – Luke Enyeart

Love the bass! When you need to chill out this tune is for you. I even like the Smurf voice at the end and that really says a lot about how much I like it.

Method Man – Stef Chura

The coolest punk I’ve heard in a while. Noisy and full of attitude – badass!

Come Get Me – Stephen Malkmus

Is this the best from Malkmus since Zurich is Stained – perhaps not but not far from it and that’s really just about the highest grade you can’t get!

Before We Go Forward – TOUTS

My Clash heart explodes of joy when I hear these youngsters play punkrock like it’s ’78. Love it!

Into Nirvana – Maverick Sabre

When you listen to this astonishing song with this awesome groove you’ll understand why it’s my most played tune this month!

Marfa Lights The – Gooch Palms

The Gooch Palms is hunting for the that perfect indie-pop tune and came as close as you can get!

Baby Punk – Vacation Forever

The high pitch screams of joy kills me, they’re just so good. Tropical emo of the highest standard!

Bimbo – The Coathangers

What a chorus! The contrast between the verse and chorus is half the joy in this amazingly good song!

We’ve Got To Try – The Chemical Brothers

The brother’s gonna work it out again! Excellent sampling and awesome riff! More punk than punk!

To Be Whole – Crypt Trip

Oh la la, the bass is crazy, crazy I tell you. The drummer is not far behind either. The riff that will stick with you all day long!

Anymore – Cat Clyde

This slide guitar, vintage country tune is just wonderful! Great singing!

Let Love Run the Game – Daniel Norgren

Daniel must be on his way to conquer the world with this excellent piece of americana. What a voice he has!

Dancing – Frankie Cosmos

Frankie confirms the place at right side of Daniel Johnston at the throne in the palace of indie pop!

Nån bättre än jag – Jacob Öhrvall

Gothenburg indie that is fantastic! There will always be someone better than me, Jacob sings… I’m not entirely sure that holds true when you deliver songs as good as this one!

White Knuckle Wildflower – Petite League

Lo-fi with a riff and a melody that will have you dancing all over the kitchen floor!

Blue Tick – Good Morning

The wandering guitars over this sincere melody is just perfect!

Walkie Talkie – Wand

Noisy pop with a riff that could be something from The Stone Roses and a melody that could be crafted by Thom Yorke, but don’t let that fool you this tune stands on it’s own merits!

The Queen Who Stole The Sky – Sarah Mary Chadwick

Accompanied by an organ Chadwick delivers an exquisite introspecting tune with such emotion and charming accent!

A Theogony – We Show Up On Radar

Just the sweetest tune with the sweetest lyrics. I think I’m in love!

Path – Club Night

My kinda noice! The guitars and the vocals are amazing!

Boogieman Sam- King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

I for one welcome our new dad-rock overlords and you should to!

// with ♥️ Roo