June came and went in a blast, but not before delivering these ten fantastic tunes!

Playlist at the bottom or direct link to spotify playlist


Coming Your Way

Great psychedelic rock with a magnificent flute.

No Age

Turned To String

Super song from what might be the album of 2020. So good!

Slaughter Beach, Dog

Fair Shot

I newly discivered this band and lucky me – a new fantastic song this month.

Roxy Girls

Get Up (Seize The Day)

Love the intro! Love the chaos! Love the song!

Sports Team

Camel Crew

Pure class from Sports Team – taken from their new awesome album.

Strand of Oaks

Tea Song

Thank you for this! I didn’t know about the original great tune, but this version is truly amazing!

Twin Peaks

What’s The Matter

It seems like everything they touch turns to gold and this tune is no exception. Fabulous flute!


Where to Start

A fresh breath of nineties alternative rock! The guitar sound is amazing!

Luminous Kid

The Gutter of Our Ecstasy

The beginning of a long friendship, I hope. Great piece of music!

Les Big Byrd


Instrumental awesomeness from Les Big Byrd. That flute!

// with ♥️ Roo