The very best songs released in June of 2019. These are the songs you should have been listening to in June, luckily here’s a second chance! In order of appearance, here we go!

(Playlist at the bottom.)

Rising Sun – Erin Durant

I’ve fallen in love with Erin’s album and especially this absolutely lovely country tune. Don’t miss it for the world!!

Here It Comes Again – Sports Team

Punky earworm full of attitude that you wouldn’t want to miss!

Clad In Silver – Here Lies Man

Headbanger of the month. Here Lies Man rocks like no other! Is that weird sound that sounds like an electronic flute really a guitar effect? Who knows, you’ll just have to listen and guess for yourself.

Brainfuzz – The Cosmics

Punk tune of the month. Short, fast and awesome!

New York Girls – Petite League

Petit league is spitting out these golden tunes every month now!

My Broken Arm – Futurebirds

You gotta have yourself some decent country music. Did I say decent, silly me I, of course, meant awesome! I’ll be singing “You’re money’s not gooood!” All summer.

Berlin Weekend – Mattiel

I’m in love! How cool isn’t this? Wow! Listen to the album’s right now, might be the best thing so far this year!

Mama – Van Dale

That guitar riff is crazy! Crazy good! An indie feel-good song that takes me back to the nineties!

Blood from a Stone – Sheer Mag

No one rocks like Sher Mag! New music from these rockers is always good news!

Findings – MOSES

These prophets really know how to write a tune that will stick with you. The sing-along of the summer!

Right Here at Home – Quinn Devlin & The Bridge Street Kings

Quinn is bending vowels in all directions and I love it every way it curves. Great soul tune!

Good Samaritan – The Hives

The Hives came into a bare-knuckle fight with a really good punk tune. Great stuff!

// with ♥️ Roo