The tunes Roo has chosen to put on his mixtape

This January had a lot to offer – lets get to it!

The Only Thing I Know – Chap Matsakow

You know that old saying: “It’s in the woods of Sörmland you will find real rock ‘n’ roll” – yup it still holds true. I have it on good sources that this is, in fact, the only thing they know!

Young Adult – Sun Parade

As always Sun Parade blows my mind, this time with a dark tune with harmonies that will make even Beach boys will raise an eyebrow. Earworm deluxe!

Qué Pasa? – TOLEDO

Who doesn’t need to chill and the best way to do that right now is to treat yourself to some Qué PasaSwebeach – Westkust

Swebeach – Westkust

Indie rock turned up to max! My kind of noise!

Keen for Kick Ons? – Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

Fuzzy retro riffs from the band with my current favorite band name. The sound of the bass – yummy!

I Dont Matter at All – Pkew Pkew Pkew

We all know that nowadays punk punk punk is spelled pkew pkew pkew! They sound more and more like Randy the band for every song and that is just about the best grade you can get in the school of punk!

Slow – Lowland Hum

Minimalism done right with these two excellent vocalists dancing country figures around the listener. A slow beautiful dance that is!

Summon The Fire – The Comet Is Coming

Jaw-dropper of the month! Maybe it’s jazz maybe it’s just totally awesome! This saxophone will have you headbang and stomping your clogs on the hardwood!

Pineapple Palooza – Fox Wound

Impossible to not sing along to! The straight bass and the disco drums brings a smile to us all and I just want more of the same – much much more!

Talk About It – Superheart

Sometimes I like electro-pop, that’s how it is and when a tune is as good as this one is I’m sold! You should be to!

Sleepwalkin’ – Better Oblivion Community Center

Maybe it is impossible to count in but this is the best tune from this great album signed an indie legend and an artist that seems to be forever called up and coming. Let the tempo changes seduce you!

Vincent Van Goth – Goons Of Doom

If I was a surfer and I couldn’t play this is exactly how I would want my punk band to sound. Punk like this holds a special place in punk heaven.

// with ♥️ Roo