Wow, what a month witch such great music! I did my best but couldn’t keep it under 20 songs. Time to dig in, we’re going a journey that both undresses and sleeps in – tag along! Spotify playlist at the bottom.

Swine Tax – Hold Your Own

I’m so hoping for an album from this superb alternative, post-punk outfit! Every track they release is golden and this one is no exception!

Sista Brytet – My War

Classic punk rock executed perfectly! The whole EP is foot-stomper of the highest quality – a must listen!


My childhood was small, but I’m gonna be BIG! Can’t get the song or phrase out of my head and it’s just pure post-punk pleasure!

Lee Fields & The Expressions – Will I Get Off Easy

Love the base-line and the pumping horns, the strings and – oh right – perhaps the best soul voice right now!

Jeremy Tuplin – Pink Mirror

The funniest tune on the list; a crooner tongue in cheek satirical review of our modern times. It’s more than that though, its a damn fine tune all over!

The Felice Brothers – Undress

Let’s undress America, Pentagon and crimes against humanity amongst others in this pop tune that never seems to stop building up!

Jay-Jay Johanson – Heard Somebody Whistle

I love this tune, minimalistic retro jazz with catchy piano and a whistle! It feels like I’m sitting on the lap of the drummer, but the snare is way over in the other room.

Blomst – Mine Hender Brenner

Norwegian rock’n’roll punk turned to the max. Impossible not to like and to sit still for that matter. Well done!

moonweather – I Sleep In

This album is sort of magic and this tune is my current favorite from it. I love the multiple melodies and I love that this type of lo-fi alternative music is making a comeback! All though it may not have been the intention this tune makes me very happy!

Lonesome Shack – Too Bad

Some really excellent stomp blues going on here. Great guitarplaying!

Mdou Moctar – Wiwasharnine

That guitar! This tune gives me goosebumps – it’s so good! I have no clue what he is singing about, but this song really gets me going!

Westkust – Cotton Skies

What again?! Yes, they are that good, listen and you will see.

Nick Waterhouse – Wreck the Rod

The slightly forced, slightly early and slightly too loud “Love” sung by the backing vocals is just brilliant! In fact, the whole tune is!

Södra Sverige – Jag ska aldrig bli kär igen

The low volume noise in the background like a threat of violence really elevates this tune with – as always with Alkberg – beautiful and skewed melody!

Wet – Old Bone

With a special talent for melodies, Wet surprised me with this acoustic laid back tune. I really like what they have done with the overdubbing of her voice, one in each ear and a subtle harmony in the middle. It feels like she is whispering in my right ear – and I love it!

Trade Wind – No King but Me

On the edge, alternative rock with a hint of emo – it’s just a great piece of music all around!

Club Night – Village

This lo-fi with this delicate and sincere voice really shines and is a clear favourite right now. Love the guitars!

Buck Meek – Halo Light

With one of the last years best albums Meek is back with the saddest tune of the year and as always with Buck, it’s utterly beautiful.

Durand Jones & The Indications – Long Way Home

Smooth soul that is nothing short of excellent! Great musicians doing great music, whats not to like?

Pom Poko – Honey

W ow! Wow! Wow! Some of my friends might think that I don’t like Norway but I do, just not when it comes to competitive skiing. This is a clear example of Norwegians I really like! I have nothing but good things to say about this album, for me so far this is the album of the year. I could have chosen any tune from the album for the mixtape, but I’m a sucker for overtones and beautiful melody so the choice was given.

// with ♥️ Roo