Some really great music this August.

Playlist at the bottom or direct link to spotify playlist

Bon Iver


Bon Iver in a surprsingly straight forward folkish tune. Superb! (Also don’t touch my cake!)

Jenny O.

Small Talk

Chill, cozy earworm from Jenny – great stuff!

Death By Unga Bunga


Perfect foot-stomping rock-n-roll from the Norwegians

The Clockworks

Can I Speak to a Manager?

Hope they get hold of the manager – awesome post punk!

Afflecks Palace

Ripley Jean

Do you smell Manchester? I do and the smell is LOVELY!

The Dirty Nil

Doom Boy

Pop-punk can be this good. I can’t stop listening to this tune! I want to be a doom boy in love – right now! 🤘

Angel Olsen

Waving, Smiling

Olsen could make me do almost anything with that vibrato on that wonderful falsetto. ❤️

sophie meiers

you and me again

Contemporary pop can be this fantastic. Perfect production and perfect song!

The Lemon Twigs

Hell on Wheels

Comon! Retro rock is fun – awesome and fun. Right on, the Lemon Twigs!

CHAI, Hinds


Do you accept male members? Where do I sign up!

// with ♥️ Roo