We saw some great releases in August and here are 10 extraordinary songs you should already be listening to! In order of appearance here they are:

Playlist at the bottom.

Your Party – Molly Burch

The Hawaiian-scented guitar and Burch magic voice make this low tempo tune an absolute favorite. Molly sure can drill!

You’re Either On Something – Temples

I think I’m going to steal this line to put on my obituary; He was either on something or on to something. Great classical dressed tune!

Nighttime Drive – Jay Som

This is how I want my indie-pop to sound. Great base!

Sister Owls – Monster Rally

This instrumental rally between the piano and the horns are monstrously good!

Used To Be Lonely – Whitney

From the newly released album, I just had to put this beautiful tune on this list. When you need that falsetto fix, check out this album!

Shiny New Model – BODEGA

When BODEGA decides to do indie-pop, it’s this good! Wow!

L.E.S. – Locksley

Based around a groovy beat this naughty (yes really, really) tune builds up to a
greatly satisfying climax!

Leg Day – Pom Poko

I hate leg days (I’m into couch days) but I do love Pom Poko and this tune is as crazy and good as my, almost too, high expectations!

Ferry Song – Twin Peaks

Wow! Twin Peaks didn’t just level up; they beat the game before getting the first mushroom! Amazing tune! Can’t wait for the album out on the 13th, this month!

mind – mouse on the keys

This tune starts off easy, but a world of mathematical groove is about to take you on an – almost 8-bit – adventure!

// with ♥️ Roo