April didn’t fail to deliver some excellent music, as a convenience I have collected the best ones in a playlist for you to enjoy. In order of appearance, I give you the mixtape of April! (Playlist at the bottom)

Cellar Man – Mumblr

Mumblr is back! This excellent opening track of the new album mixes disco(!) with fuzzy vocals and awesome indie rock!

(I Blame) Society – Titus Andronicus

Oh yeah! Political classic punk rock executed perfectly – Bam!

On My Side – Dehd

Lo-fi with a high pitch chorus that is as outstanding as it is timeless!

Aaron – Palehound

Wonderful suggestive indie pop that you can’t help but love!

Coasting – Golden Chow

This earworm is so chill and absolutely charming – great stuff!

Over and Over – The Go Rounds

The coolest tune this month – a must listen! Halting space rock with applause for the solo and everything!

Fathom – Hooveriii

Indie rock with heavy metal riffs and hints of psychedelic rock!

Vices – Dogheart

A great laid back indie rock tune for your summer playlists!

Tomorrow Might as Well Be Today – Chris Forsyth

Great guitar riffs in this uplifting instrumental rock tune – awesome!

Teenage Birdsong – Four Tet

Damn near perfection, ’nuff said! (Well one thing; the 80’s TV-show break is just wonderful!)

Anytime – Mavis Staples

This is how you do soul! Listen and learn, kids.

Partner – Belaver

An indie duet that is so very charming – love it!

I’m Still Here – Modest Mouse

That Modest Mouse would surprise me was something I didn’t think, but they did and in an impressive way!

Wild Flowers – Lykantropi

Psychadelic myth-folk rock from the depths of Värmland. Totally awesome!

Wonder – Wand

Desert rock guitars as the backdrop on this beautiful indie melody! Love the bells!

Navy Red – Tundra

You need some punk rock to get you through the days, and this tune will have you set!

Little Trouble – Better Oblivion Community Center

I did not expect more from everyone’s favorite indie duo so soon – but so glad they keep on delivering excellent tunes!

Lonely as You Are – Charles Bradley

Charles recorded this at the end of his life shortly after being diagnosed with stomach cancer – it’s so emotional and so very, very beautiful!

Lauren (Track 2) – Prince Daddy & the Hyena

This is how you do pop punk! This month with plenty of competition this is the best of the genre!

I Made You a Card – Karen Meat

Is this indie surf pop? I don’t really know, but I do know that this is an amazing tune!

// with ♥️ Roo