This album sounds delicious! We love how it sounds like old-style hardcore with a new set of post-punk clothes. The bass high in the mix with perfect treble and just the right amount of fuzz. Pure love! The drums with that perfect crisp sound without leaving the low ends behind. Great stuff indeed!

In all caps SPICE, as they say themselves, is pain, but at times very catchy pain. The guitar-riffs sometimes are real earworms that will stay with you throughout the day. If you ever wondered how you should use violins in rock music, this is the album for you, they’ve done it just right.

When I want a wall of exquisite sound to hug me and keep reality outside, this is the album I go to. ALL MY BEST SHIT, could very well be the perfect soundtrack to your every shitty day. We love this album!

Check back tomorrow for the 2nd best tune on our list.