Top 10 Albums 2019 #3

Dépaysé opens up with one of the strongest opening salvos of tunes ever committed to vinyl. The 3 song barrage of Everybody, Everyone and On Being will blast any hesitations to kingdom come, a very apt metaphor in this particular case. As well as being a truly awesome triplet of tunes it also firmly established the theme of the album.

Dépaysé is a deeply spiritual album. Sinkane shares his beliefs and convictions but also his doubts. His is a message of love and tolerance but perhaps more importantly of hope, in the face of adversity.

Dépaysé was the album we urgently needed this year!

Now Sinkane remains the grand wizard of turning frogs into princes and corny musical tropes into soul gold. He makes what should not work not only sound great but more importantly he does it completely without cynical distance, in fact he somehow wholeheartedly and sincerely embrace the corniness on tracks like Ya Sudan, Mango and Stranger while yet making them sound not only good but super cool.

ATuneThat loves Sinkane!

“And now I’m feelin’ stronger
Even after the truth
Stand up ’cause you gotta
Together we can change the news”

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