Top 10 Tunes 2019 #4

Let’s be honest, we are often somewhat self proclaimed champions of the grand gesture, the overpowering emotion and the elaborate composition in our music choices. However sometimes there is just as much power to be mined from expressions that are unassuming and casual.

Sadurn and Ther (in this recording, Sadurn did make a solo version of this song like a month after this duet) aren’t mining, they are fracking …yes i get that fracking isn’t perhaps the first metaphor to pop in to ons mind when thinking of unassuming and casual things. If indeed there is such a thing as casual fracking that is proper scary. well let’s not get side tracked. Sadurn’s bedroom pop is of course posturing as low key as low key gets but then in the nitty gritty of things Dirt May is anything but simple. Sure the 4 chord guitar progression is simple enough but then there is the impossible phrasing of the lyrics and the two voices in perfect heterophony (well again, not sure there is such a thing …seems wrong somehow). This little ditty grows like a flake of snow into an avalanche sweeping everything along with it including our hearts. We love Dirt May, unassuming or not!

“to the best of my knowing I think I’m going somewhere away from this”

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