Top 10 Tunes 2019 #2

After they released their great album Never Not Never Not Never Not earlier this year and in the process popping up on my radar, I didn’t expect what came next in September. Rosie Tucker came out with Ambrosia, a song that is nothing short of magic. Every time I listen to it I get goosebumps – it never fails!

I’m still not entirely sure of what the song is about, even so, It’s my favorite lyrics of the year. Tucker had me sold with the first line and ever since I think I’ve contemplated the cool whip.

I’ve never tasted the desert Ambrosia and now, after I know what it is, I can’t say it’s on the top of my wish list, but you know what is? That everyone gets a chance to experience this unique and exceptional tune, that we picked as number two of the year!

“Chewing on my fat lip, contemplate the cool whip
Cover dish and chill for a while”

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