Roobins’ Honorable mentions 2019 – Tunes

Playlist at the bottom. (sometimes the embeds doesn’t load)

These songs did not make it to our calendar, either I thought it useless to nominate them due to my colleagues’ taste – or lack of taste in this case – in music or It just didn’t make that final, agonizing, cut. To be completely honest, this could have easily been my submitted list for the yule calendar, it’s all about what I feel in the moment. These are some of the most awesome songs 2019 and I love each and every one of them… and hold on there just as much great tunes waiting around the corner in the yearly playlist. In order of release date, my honorable mentions of 2019, enjoy!

Young Adult – Sun Parade

Pure gold from the very versatile Sun Parade here. No album?

Sleepwalkin’ – Better Oblivion Community Center

It maybe me impossible to count in, but not so impossible to love! Both Oberst and Bridgers shine in this duet.

Hold Your Own – Swine Tax

Excellent punk from one of our favorites. The slightly off-beat song is killing me, the good way.

I Sleep In – moonweather

Wow! How many melodies are going on?! The lullaby of the year!

Wiwasharnine – Mdou Moctar

Saharan blues with a disco twist – or is that twist something that only I hear?

Old Bone – Wet

This is one of my most played tunes this year. It’s a perfect fit for EVERY occasion. Love the three voices, one in each ear and the one in the middle.

I Don’t Do Drugs, I Just Sweat a Lot – Bicurious

Yep, cover-art of the year! Also, involuntary movement of the head – warning! What the fuck is this!

Bimbo – The Coathangers

The contrast and perfect match of the punky chorus and the popish verse is awesome!

Nån bättre än jag – Jacob Öhrvall

Swedish tune of the year! Might actually be THE tune of the year. Yes, I love it!

On My Side – Dehd

The frangible quality of the singer’s voice in the chorus is irresistible!

Starfire 500 – Amyl and The Sniffers

Half of this tune is the intro. Love both halves equally. Awesome Punk!

Clad In Silver – Here Lies Man

This retro-rock tune with massive riffs is a real knock out!

Michigan, 1997 – Dolly Valentine

Surprise of the year, and also the duet of the year. Field Medic is an old favorite but Valentine is a vert pleasant new acquaintance. Oh, it’s whistling not someone playing a saw – whistle of the year!

Evening Prayer aka – Justice Ezra Furman

I’m in on Ezra Furmans revolution. BAM!

Shiny New Model – BODEGA

Such a cool band, with a real earworm in this uber-cool post-whatever tune!

// with ♥️ Roo