Roobins’ Honorable mentions 2019 – Albums

Playlist at the bottom.

These albums did not make it to our calendar, either I thought it useless to nominate them due to my colleagues’ taste – or lack of taste in this case – in music or It just didn’t make that final, agonizing, cut. To be completely honest, this could have easily been my submitted list for the yule calendar, it’s all about what I feel in the moment. These are some of the most awesome albums 2019 and I love each and every one of them! In order of release date, my honorable mentions of 2019, enjoy!

Turbo Island – Steve Strong

One man math-rock band awesomeness anyone? Well, hell yes!

The Capitalist Blues – Leyla McCalla

A protest album ala 2019. Calypso, zydeco and good ol’ blues coexist in this smorgasbord of music.

Dead Before You Know It – Sista Brytet

Four songs of Swedish punk awesomeness!

Birthday – Pom Poko

Crazy art-rock from Norway. Extremely good stuff!

Beachballin’ – Memory of Elephants

I have a thing for math-rock and this is top-notch math delivered with humor and finesse!

Spirituosa – Lykantropi

Swedish retro-rock with riffs to die for!

And Now for the Whatchamacallit – Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

Speaking of riffs… The best band name ever delivers at max!

Satis Factory – Mattiel

What great songwriting and such a cool delivery. Indie goodness!

Space Grade Assembly – Possum

This psych-rock with supreme riffs from Toronto is golden!

An Obelisk – titus andronicus

Dad-punk-rock! Yes, it’s a thing and it’s a very, very good thing!

Hasta El Cielo – Khruangbin

My chill album of the year. Helped me through stressful times at work. Love it!

Younger Years – Delta Sleep

Delta Sleep might be my favorite band. Super tight mathish rock with excellent vocals!

The Afterlife – The Comet Is Coming

Jazz album of the year and they released two of them, but his one is my favorite!

In The Sync – POLYSICS

Crazy, wacky Nintendo punk. Wow!

// with ♥️ Roo