In our new monthly rundown of Albums and EP’s Viktor lists some of his favourite releases of the month as a companion to Roobins Mixtape of the month.

On Top of the Stack January 2020

Be Up A Hello by Squarepusher

When I listen to Squarpusher’s new record I remember why I loved him so much back in the late 90s. What I can’t figure out is why I haven’t kept up with all his amazing out put since. I will have to repent!


A Wave of Golden Things by Tall Tall Trees

The banjopocalyps is upon us for surely this is sinful. Sinfully good.


Tweede Cans by Yansima

Ukrainian garage is new to me but I think I might have a new world to explore!


Mystic Familiar by Dan Deacon

Good ol’ Dan is popier than in a while and I might be mistaken but doesn’t he sound even better better than he has in a while. Pop seams to suit him.


Standards Vol. 1 by Rafiq Bhatia

Amazing guitarist Bhatia plays Jazz standards with some friends in such a personal way that they don’t sound much like standards or even jazz… it doesn’t even sound much like guitar playing, heck if I’m to guess I’d say there might not have been much guitars involved. It’s great music though, that is for sure.


Self Help by LIGHT BEAMS

Light Beams are probably quiet accidentally making some of the best postpunk out there right now. I gather that they think they are making Hip Hop. What ever they are trying to do I hope they stay at it for if this is the music they arrive at I’m just going to shut up and buy it.


On Circles by Caspian

Caspian is one of the all time greats in Post Rock so any new release from them is going to get my attention. This might be a bit more pop than what we are used to from them but I once dismissed both Mogwai’s Hardcore will never die and Sigur Rós’ Með Suð Í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust on the grounds of being too pop. I have learned my lesson and realized I really really like all three of these slightly popier postrock albums.


Crystalline by worriedaboutsatan

I worry about Gavin Miller. Last year he released first Revenant and then Blind Tiger, both excellent albums! Perhaps not the longest albums ever but still definitely full length albums. This year has hardly started and he has already released Crystalline which is longer, more ambitious and ultimately even better. Does he sleep? like ever?


Marigold by Pinegrove

I prefer not to voice any opinion on the hiatus Pinegrove took for a while. Instead I will voice the opinion that with Marigold their music is back on track. This is really good music and that is all I have to say about that.


see you tomorrow by the innocence mission

I did the maths on See You Tomorrow’s release date and they were just above 40% faster than average to return with a new album this time around. Over there 30 plus years of existence constancy has been a word I associate with them so I figured maths was due. However this time saving of sorts did clearly not come out of the quality end.