Only the second tune in this countdown, and it’s already 2-0 in Norway’s favor. Well done!
Who would have thought, in the beginning of this year, that I would nominate and love a metal tune. Metal, me? To be fair, it happens, but it’s a rare thing indeed.

Kvelertak pulls a real stunt with this awesome tune and manages to squeeze in a power-metal, a thrash-metal, and some sort of indie-rock – tune, all in the same tune. Just wow! But of course, they take their time cranking all that awesomeness in there, 7.51 minutes to be exact. Oh and three different singers. This is a tune you have to spin at least once to hear what the hell the fuzz is about. There will be a second spin, believe you me!

Check back tomorrow for the 9th best album on our list.