For our picnic we both enjoy some old-timey, light hearted, fun music …some more old-timey than others.



Roobin has made a great effort with his summer playlist this year to emphasize great music with Swedish lyrics. I don’t listen as much as he does to music in Swedish so naturally I don’t pick songs in our language as often as he does for our challenges. As it stands before this challenge Roobin has picked exactly twice as many songs in Swedish for our regular challenges as I have. A wrong I intend to hereby right.

By picking a tune in Swedish for this challenge I bring my total up to two and thus just as many as my good comrade Roobin.

For this challenge I’m not going to settle on just any old tune in Swedish, no for this challenge I’m going with Ernst fucking Rolf. The founder of the first Swedish record label and probably the biggest domestic pop star we ever had or will have. Of Course it’s less of a feat to dominate the market if you own the only record label in the country but even before he did that Rolf’s popularity is hard to fathom what it would look like if it would be adjusted for the cultural inflation brought about by the surreal tempo of the contemporary media landscape.

I fell in love with the genre of the cuplé when my friend Ola Ljunggren Bergeå wrote his thesis on it back when we were studying musicology together. Mostly I fancy Karl Gerhard’s witty and socially aware cuplés but for a picnic we need the silliness and total lack of self awareness that is Rolf’s cuplés. We need Min vår är din vår which loosely translates to My Spring Is Your Spring, what could be better than this for a picnic.


I’m going for that Caribbean, calypso vibe with a song from one of my favorite albums of 2019. The gold nugget of a song, that would be great on any picnic is Me and My Baby by Leyla McCalla, taken from the album The Capitalist Blues.

The song has that uplifting quality to it that instantly puts you in a good mood. It is also a catchy, easy-listening tune that is lovely to have so that everyone can enjoy the moment. For me, this tune is about letting everything else be for a while and just surrender to love and life. Let everyone else hurry about because like Leyla sings “Everybody else has got something to prove
Except me and my baby”.

Bring out that blanket, a bottle of cheap red wine, a baguette and let McCalla croon her wisdom – come rain or come shine – as long as it’s me and one of my babies. ❤️

… and for our next task, we will find a tune that…

…features a killer break/drop.

We pack our provisions and survival gear, heading out into the wild searching for that rare beast; the killer break/drop.

See you in two weeks!

The Playlist!