Sometimes fidelity screws ya other times yer just screwed.



This seemed like such a simple straightforward task. However I found myself struggling and having to dig deep in my record crates. I don’t want to just pick something that somehow has kept some hold on me for nostalgic reasons or sum-such but straight up isn’t good. I want to pick a great tune that for some reason or other happens to be even better in my head. After hours of excavation I’ve decide to go with Godzilla by Blue Öyster Cult.

This is objectively a stellar rock track, perhaps their best. Still this song fits the bill in more than one way… two ways, it fits the bill in exactly two ways. Both have a lot to do with Fu Manchu’s cover version from their Godzilla EP. This is an absolutely inferior version in almost every possible way. However briefly, but back in the late 90’s when this was released, I was very much into that whole stoner rock thing for a bit (not nearly as much as Roobin was though). Anyway, their version got a fair bit of turntable time back then.

The way Scott Hill (of Fu Manchu) sings the song made me see clear as day how Buck Dharma’s writing process of these brilliant lyrics must have come about; There he was, sitting alone in his hotel room after whatever partying had went down earlier in the night. He is way too stoned to sleep but also way to stoned to tear himself away from the TV to do… well… anyway why would he; there goes Tokyo! in all it’s black and white glory. It all just makes perfect sense. That dragon’s got it right. THEY say he’s got to go (Godzilla) but CLEARLY it’s the other way around (man!). Someone has got to root for this brave hero, even though it’s probably a dragon and possibly a fictional character; and so Buck did.

Listening to the original recording it had never occurred to me how profound a realization Buck had had then and there. Now when I listen to it I know, I know in my head and I agree; GO GO Godzilla!

Also (second but a bit lamer way it’s better in my head) when I’m not listening to it but just thinking about it, the song is not as fast and campy as the original but no way near as slow and trudging as the Fu Manchu version. It’s at some magical perfect tempo where Godzilla just manages to ravage central Tokyo and make it back into the Tokyo bay in time before the Japanese army arrives.


There’s something about this song that strikes a certain chord(or maybe two as this is basically a two-chord tune) in one’s body, a sort of melancholy warmth. It’s a soft little biscuit of a tune with an unique feeling attached to it. I frequently get the phrase and melody of the outro, “you know that don’t you”, stuck in my head and it’s a superb head-song.

The lyrics shouldn’t be over analysed, but I like to think of “Stove” as a placeholder for just about anything that you can view differently in a relationship.

There isn’t much I don’t like about it, in fact there is only one thing; the mixing of the drums in the left channel only.

I am all for lo-fi, I love lo-fi, but drums in one channel only, make my ears hurt. This is why Eric’s Trips Stove, is better in my head than on record. If you can, switch to mono or put your speakers close together. If you must listen to it on earphones, take the left earphone off.

A good way to enjoy it might be on your phone speakers. That being said, this a classic lo-fi tune that everyone should listen to (in mono).

…and for our next task, we will find a tune that…

…where covered in a better version than the original.

Inspired by Viktor’s text above. We thought this would be an interesting task to tackle for the next two weeks. See you in 14 days!

see you in two weeks!