As summer draws closer we are back with some traditional challenges of the season.



Is it summer already? What seems like the longest years to endure in history actually went pretty fast when you realize that we’re on the brink of the second summer of the pandemic and possibly an end to this hell in miniature.

So what gives? It seems that the world hit the pause button and now is slowly waking up after wearing sweatpants for over a year now. Luckily music has not been on pause!

This year I did a 50/50 mix between old classics and new songs, a pretty damn good mix if I might say so! I had cravings for a specific Beatles tune so that’s in there (which one, well check out the list!), I felt like some good old Morphine so that’s also in there. A few Swedish songs made the cut and I even put an emo-tune in there. Good stuff!

The song I’ve chosen to represent this summer is the song that is named just that; What Gives – by Another Michael. I’m a sucker for good falsetto and this tune has plenty of it and I think it captures my thoughts about this summer exactly – what gives?


It took me a while to actually compile the whole playlist this year. Many hard choices as usual and of course this spring has been super busy. This is why this article ended up being a day late. The summer playlist is always seriously hard for me since there are no actual rules to it. The task at hand is just to make an awesome playlist with a lot of new music.

This kind of freedom is somewhat debilitating actually.

Well, deciding to include Moderator’s excellent Wish I was Dead was a no-brainer. late last year Moderator made a crazy good re-mix of Serushiô’s Snake Vision that ended up on my year-end-list. So I got really excited to learn that he was working on original material for this year. Well no matter how high expectations I had, they were blown out of the water. His new album Midnight Madness is pure genius and the second single leading up to it Wish I was Dead is among the very best cuts on it.

Nuff said.

Let’s not waste any more time, you have a new playlist to explore. Be my guest! …and off you go, have fun!

…and for our next task, we will find a tune that…

…är bra på svenska. (Swedish for: “is good, and in Swedish” but with a phrasing that suggest that it’s “good at Swedish” …yeah we are so delightful.)

We have this special challenge in Swedish every year on account of the national holiday celebrating …well, you see, Sweden doesn’t have an independence day (other countries have days commemorating becoming independent from us) nor any other form of birthday. Just happens that a bunch of weather insensitive people have been hanging around in this inhospitable region for a long-ass-time. Gradually that turned into a nation because …why not. Shit if that’s not cause for celebration I don’t know what is…

See you in 2 weeks.