Summer is here and what you need right now is a good playlist to enjoy it with. Keep calm, we got your back, here are two great playlists for you!



This is one of the best hobbies you can have and I would stretch that it kept me sane during times when life decided to be complicated.

I took a different path this year and decided to go all Swedish in my summer playlist! Strange, I know. I feel like Obelix in Asterix and Obelix – in that way that I fell in the cooking pot when I was little. A cooking pot filled with music in Swedish. Especially Swedish punk-rock. It’s like I overdosed on music sung in Swedish. Since that overdose, I’ve always had a small hurdle to get by to fully enjoy music sung in Swedish. This year I decided as a project to find as many awesome indie tunes that I could. It has been such a fun project and whenever I’ve felt a bit down, I’ve just dug into this list with all my heart. I’ve managed to trim down the list to just 78 songs. 78 awesome tunes! Yes, I’ve broken the rules and have a few duplicates of artists, but It had to be done, I promise. Listen and you will agree.

The song I’ve chosen to represent this awesome playlist is Julia spyr by Underbara Ingenting. It’s an absolutely fantastic piece of music that always makes me happy. It has a latin jazz vibe and is about being drunk and vomiting, on the surface, and about being sick of life when you dig deeper, and when you don’t look at the surface or dig deep – it’s just a fun-loving tune about being alive and being a bit drunk. I love every second of this under two-minute unique nugget of joy and so will you.

If you feel like something else to mix up the Swedish with there are always my mixtapes that serve as a sort of best of 2020 list. All the mixtapes are available in this playlist.

Have a great summer!


I fell in love with Kev Brown’s productions a while back but it’s been a weird love affair. See I haven’t really loved any of his albums or even single tracks through and through. It’s something weird about his productions where I love the sound and style of them but rarely enjoy the actual tracks anywhere close to as much.

Don’t get me wrong, Homework is objectively a brilliant album and Kev’s rhymes has almost always been on point. It’s just that any of his releases, singles or albums, has yet to strike that chord that will make me passionately love it with the intensity that my weird obsession with his sound probably should garner. Weird, sure, but that’s just how it’s been. Yeah things got weirder.

In February Japanese producer RatherPapes released what I believe is a rework (could of course be a complete re-recording) of Brown’s 2005 track Life’s A Gamble, now titled Life’s Gamble (fet. Kew Brown). The original is a solid single from Brown but this new re-work is just the dogs bollocks!

It’s hyper traditional with jazzy productions layered round a simple boom bap beat and then Kev’s Rhymes front and centre

How is it that this is that firsts time everything klicks for me with a Kev Brown track! It doesn’t have that sound of his, not really, yet it does. GAHHHH! My brain is weird.

Well aaanyways, this is by far the best Hip Hop release of the year so far and of course it had to get on my summer playlist!

… and for our next task, we will find a tune that…

… was released last year but you only just now discovered.

Even perfect music nerds like ourselves sometimes fail to find all good music and that’s why the next challenge is such fun. We get to go back to yesteryear and enjoy all music we somehow missed. See you in two weeks!

The Playlist!