Top 10 Albums 2019 #1

Last year we started to hear some buzz about a string of singles from this new spunky Dublin band, Fontaines D.C. Things got really interesting in November with the announcement of their debut record and the release of the first proper single from it; Too Real. The other singles had been good but this was more than good.

It was awesome!

This year started even better with the release of the next single, Big, early February.

The Hype was on!

Rarely does any album survive us hyping it to this extent. This is then compounded by the fact that a large portion of the album is actually re-recordings of the material from the first string of singles. 2019 in general and the early spring in particular was a remarkably great year for all kinds of punk rock. This album should have seen a few weeks of rotation and than faded from memory. Could have.

It did not.

Not at all.

This album is a fighter!

It is the best album released this year period and it will remain on my turntable for years to come.

Devil is the morning and a meiser with a gun
Looking for a few coins ‘ what you want son?’
‘Manager for the evening or a presidential run?’

Check back tomorrow for Roo’s Christmas-song-extravaganza