Top 10 Albums 2019 #5

With vocals on the verge of an emotional breakdown, Club Night delivers their songs as if they are the most important pieces of music ever performed and it is incredibly captivating and charming. We hear the homages and nods all over this album interspersed with the broken beats of math-emo, the natural harmonics, and all the quirky twists and turns.

During the process of creating this top list, I think the phrase “saviors of a genre”, was used and it’s true although I rather stay out of the wasp’s nest that labeling music into a genre is, but since you insist; it’s that special kind of emo with math twists that you have waited a decade for.

Above all, Club Night’s What Life shows their sense of building dark, energetic melodic tunes that never get boring and keeps the listener spellbound. It’s a fantastic album and is a given on the list!

“Another wasted year
How the sky ignores me forever unimpressed”

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