Top 10 Albums 2019 #4

When we speak of raw and brutal we often refer to music in the hardcore or metal spectrum, but this year the rawest and most brutal album comes from a folk-rock quartet with their second album in one year. It is not the only thing it is, it’s equally very intimate and organic. It feels like this is an inner monologue set to music, and what exceptional music it is!

There is always a special nerve, that is hard to explain in words, in live music and this album, that is recorded live, does an excellent job of keeping that nerve and that intimate feeling.

One might think that this type of intimate, rare, dark-themed lyrics might have music that stays out of its way. This is not the case with Two Hands – the music and the lyrics dance with each other in a way that is unique and that elevates both elements to extraordinary heights. When you have five people (producer included) that resonate on the same wavelength and strive towards the exact same goal you get something this uniquely good. Give it a few spins and you’ll understand what we’re on about!

“Somehow we exist
In the folds, and now we’ll kiss”

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