We take turns challenging each other to find the perfect tune for some more or less silly premise. You find our answers here every second week.


This blogg is a necessity, it’s more than just important; it had to be. As time relentlessly passes reality has gradually occupied and claimed a more and more significant portion of our lives. We used to be two guys just spending most of our days listening to and talking about the most important thing in life; Music. However those times have passed, lately we have seen a disturbing development where listening to music has had to share time with mundane chores and work. Talking about music has suffered even worse, having been rendered almost totally extinct in the wake of us growing up and moving to separate towns. This is of course a terrifying transpiration that has to be halted or preferably reversed. This blog is our attempt to remedy this situation, giving, nay forcing us to regularly talk about music.
We will take turns putting forth a task to find the perfect tune for some more or less silly premise. Then we will have 2 weeks to each come up with just the perfect tune and give our reasoning for thinking so in an accompanying text. All published here every 14th day for others to enjoy.
Of course we would love it if you would like to participate by proposing future tasks for us or simply by joining the conversation, let us know what you think of our picks and perhaps what your pick would be. Use the comment section, twitter or just write us a word or two by e-mail; atunethat@gmail.com