The ancient ways of the samurai inspire this our last challenge of the year. well, last ordinary challenge for when the holidays approach we go nuts as always.



Do I know Italian? No.
Can I hold a note? Not really.
Do I love being on stage? Not so much.
Do three nays equals a yea, well this time it does!

I would take the stage in a pinstriped suit, with a perfectly combed hair and a colgate smile. Singing in perfect Italian the beautiful Se telefonando by Mina, with such passion and emotion that people would cry and have religious revelations.

Just kidding. I would tremble of stage fright and also by the anger of putting myself in this situation.

It is a great choice though. Se telefonando is a super tune sung with so much emotion. It could be fun for everyone to watch me struggle with the language, pitch and the emotion that this song demands. I don’t know what Mina is singing about and I’m not sure that I want to find out either. My guess is that it’s about a broken heart or something like that, but I’ve always thought that O sole mio was about someone feeling very lonely (solo), but apparently he’s singing about the sun and now I’m scared that Mina actually is just singing about what a great purchase her telephone was. Best leave it unknown. Until our fun packed December with a tune or album as a present almost every day – please enjoy Se telefonando!


I take an Elvis stance like so and bring my voice as deep as it gets (Granted, no impressive depths will ever be reached by my voice but still I’ll give it my best) and rumble away:

Oh, ma-mama, mama-mo-ma-mum…

What could possibly go wrong?

…well as long as no one pays any attention to Ganos non-nonsensical parts of the lyrics. Non-nonsensical mmm… I just realized what an awesome word/phrase that was. Could that be anti-onomatopoeia? Oops, I’m derailing this article, mostly since I’d rather not talk (write) about how parts of the lyrics to one of my favourite tunes, Add it Up, easily could be interpreted as to suggest sexual coercion. So… there’s that …I really like the parts of the lyrics that seem to be made up mostly of wordlike things with little to no meaning, like the example above.

For me, like, I guess, almost everyone else my age, the Femmes was the soundtrack to high school and the tune Add it Up was always my favourite for some reason. Singing it now wouldn’t so much be me imitating Gano as it would be me imitating a younger me imitating Gano …well I suppose that I’d go for a parody of teenage me. Still, it would be fun, I think. The tune is really really good so there is always that…

… and for our next task …

… we will once again make you two seasonal gifts in one!

We are as of speaking working away at our 2018 top 10 best tunes list as well as our 2018 top 10 best albums list with a frenzy only rivalled by Santa’s elfs. These lists will once again be presented in the form of a Yule Calendar. Starting December first, we will count down the days to the upcoming holidays by revealing an entry from one of the list every day, alternating between the lists each day, reaching a climax with best track and best album being revealed on the 23rd and 24th respectively. Sounds like fun huh? Well, keep your pants on mate! we’re not done yet! On new year’s eve, we will publish our year in review articles along with our respective personal definitive 2018 playlists.

See you in only 13 days this time!