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Any day now I’ll go full fledged barbershop aficionado. I’m sure it will be one of the key-ingredients as old-man-viktor inevitably assembles Voltron style. Not there yet though I am not far away. I have realized that I am more than reasonable partial to harmonic singing in pop and even more so in rock. My favourite Mountain Goats song is High Hawk Season. My favourite Electrelane track is the Valleys and don’t get me started on Deep Throat Choir.

These modern examples all fade though compared to the pure brilliance of Istanbul (Not Constantinople) by the Four Lads. We just don’t make pop like that any more – is the remark old-man-Viktor eventually will make willy nilly. For now I’ll try to refrain from such outbursts of unfounded nostalgia for some olden golden age that most likely never existed any way.

Golden ages or not, the forward momentum of the awkward rhythm combined with the dangerously infections melody will stick in your brain. Once comfortably wedged in your grey matter it will propel you for the rest of the day perhaps not in a very helpful manner but still with a certain smile on your face. See it doesn’t so much lift your spirits as push them around like if you had two uncoordinated rumbas glued under your shoes. Yeah not the sounds metaphor I ever made so let’s just leave it at that. All I’m trying to say is that Istanbul gives me lots of energy albeit perhaps more in a distracting than anything for it is indeed a fun ride.


We have just about finished our top 100 list of the 2010s and let me tell you; that is an energy-draining exercise! One of the songs that I nominated did not get to much love by my blogging friend and thus did not even make it to the final round. How nice, then, that I can pick it up here in a regular challenge. With that much energy going into finding, rating and scratching songs on the list it’s really nice to have a song like this one, that immediately fills up your energy levels.

My pick this time is the absolutely wonderful Elm by cult math-rockers Clever Girl. It’s a bubbling, glistening and radiant piece of math rock. Guitars with a clear, crisp sound are drilling and simmering math riffs and that lovely saxophone is painting figures all over this delightful piece of music. The song is infused with the feeling that everything is going to be alright – the good times are ahead. About three minutes in the band stop playing and sings “Ba da ba pa” and the goosebumps spread all over and the battery levels go up to 100% again. Don’t believe me? Listen to it yourself or better yet watch this live performance and hear the crowd singing the melody, quite moving. A great tune to fill you up with energy indeed!

… and for our next task, we will find a tune that…

…drains you of energy.

Do you need an outlet for all the excess energy generated by listening to these supercharged tracks …well do not fret. in two weeks time we will offer some relief. Yeah we know, we are super helpful.